How We Improved the Safety Strategy for Power Plant Developer

How We Improved the Safety Strategy for 750 MW Power Plant Developer

At Premier Safety Partners, we are the leading health and safety consultants for construction companies, universities and educational facilities, energy firms, manufacturing, field services, and defense and space organizations. We provide a long list of services to ensure projects are completed on time, on budget, and without safety incidents.

We take a proactive approach to safety through expert planning, execution, and review on projects of varying scopes, sizes, and in geographical areas. Typically, we provide safety oversight in one of two ways:

  1. Comprehensive day-to-day management
  2. As owner's representatives​

Recently, we were contacted by a developer of multiple 750 MW combined power plants to act as owner's representatives. The scope of the work included numerous projects across Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states.

Premier Safety Partners as Owner's Representatives

As owners representatives, Premier Safety Partners worked to ensure the developer's best interest were at the central focus of the project at all times. Since the majority of developers and business owners have limited knowledge on the implications of safety in design, construction, phasing, and relocation, they trust our expertise to ensure the project completes on schedule, on budget, and without costly safety incidents. Not only during construction but for future operations.

In this project, we acted as the liaison between a variety of stakeholders and effectively:

  • Reviewed cycle plant design reviews to ensure safety prevention risk was achieved.
  • Performed compliance safety walk downs and observations throughout construction.
  • Oversaw contractor safety management
  • Attended construction safety meetings

Power Plants Design Reviews

Our support consisted of design reviews to ensure safety prevention of risk is designed into the project.

These design reviews included planned and systematic brainstorming to effectively identify potential hazards and assess the risk. We also reviewed the facilities readiness and effectiveness for risk control measures to make sure safety protocol was in place for equipment systems and personnel.

The objective of the design review was to ensure the installation and design process was in compliance with guidelines and standards. This compliance not only included safety protocols, but also for environmental and health issues. With each design, we reviewed the impacts on operability, safety, environmental, and health aspects.

Compliance Safety Walk Downs and Observations

We also perform compliance safety walk downs and observations for the various stages of construction.

Safety walk downs and observations are vital aspects of an organization's safety program.

OSHA and other regulatory agencies define and enforce a variety of rules to protect employees. Safety walk downs and observations are excellent auditing tools used determine the current state of the power plant installation against OSHA standards.

While safety walk downs are primarily focused on the installations, our observations were more geared toward the people doing the work. By conducting safety walk downs and observations at various stages, we were able to ensure compliance and create a strong safety culture as owner's representatives.

Contractor Safety Management

We oversee contractor safety management, provided safety and health terms to be included in contract agreements.

Our measures were integral in ensuring contractors were versed in the proper safety protocols for the duties and tasks they were expected to perform. By implementing our contractor safety management program, we were able to minimize liability, reduce incidents, and create an holistically safer environment.

We also worked to ensure all OSHA compliance requirements and training were met as well as environmental regulations are followed. Premier Safety Partners has rigorous pre-qualification program for contractors, which allowed for risks to be mitigated and for the project to complete on time without safety incidents.

Contact Premier Safety Partners for Owner's Representation

In addition to the previously mentioned owner's representation services, we attended construction safety meetings with EPC contractors and all subcontractors on the project on behalf of the owner. Our representation and expert preparedness played a vital role in coordinating contractors and subcontractors.

Our goal was to deliver a comprehensive set of services to ensure all facets was safety were infused into the successful completion of the project.

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