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Construction Safety Consulting

Safety should be the top concern for every worksite, especially construction projects. On any given day, there are countless hazards and accidents waiting to happen on the typical construction site. The construction safety consultants at Premier Safety Partners offer experience and expertise in helping construction companies identify and mitigate those risks.

Team of Construction Safety Experts

Our team of construction safety consultants are comprised of top-level industry safety experts. With this expertise we provide mentoring, coaching, and training for all levels of personnel. Our goal is to ensure your site stays compliant, safe, and practical.

We offer a full team of experienced safety experts, including on site health and safety managers as well as a staff of certified industrial hygienists. If your construction site needs a safety plan, we can either supply one or help you create one. Our team of construction safety consultants are trained to meet your every need.

Protect Construction Safety for Workers, Neighbors, and Tenants

We offer innovative solutions to protect construction workers as well as neighboring people and property from noise, dust, and odors during construction projects.

Premier Safety Partners brings a wide range of experience to all construction projects. Some of our most common accomplishments are:

  • Risk management plans for COVID-19
  • Ensuring construction site meets federal, local, and state regulations
  • Solving complaints from neighbors associated with dust, odors, and noise
  • Assessing and protecting workers from exposure to hazardous products
  • Protecting workers from hazardous materials and toxicity.
  • ​Strategic planning and EHS scorecards
  • Development & implementation of program, procedures, management systems
  • Auditing
  • Training (compliance, hazard risk management, leadership)
  • Incident rate reduction
  • Workers compensation cost reduction and management
  • Due diligence, transition and integration
  • Culture transformation, behavior based safety
  • Operational excellence
  • Incident investigation, root cause analysis
  • VPP, OHSAS 18001, ANSI Z10

Avoid Construction Accidents & Delays with Construction Safety Consultants

The construction safety experts at Premier Safety Partners bring a wealth of technical expertise and experience in the field. We understand the wide range and vast complexity of safety issues that could potentially affect your people, budget and schedule. We bring a wealth of experience providing innovative solutions to solve those problems in a cost-effective and practical way. Our goal is to provide solutions that protect your business against construction delays, fines, liability, as well as reduced productivity.

OSHA 30 Hour Training

Do your employees need their 30 hour certification? We can help. Be sure to learn about our OSHA 30 hour training services.

Contact Premier Safety Partners Construction Safety Consultants

Safety incidents cause delays, which costs money and leads to increased liability risk. Mitigate risk and avoid these perils with the expert assistance of Premier Safety Partners. Schedule a consultation today with the leading team of construction safety consultants, Premier Safety Consultants.