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Manufacturing Safety Consulting

Premier Safety Partners work with several manufacturing operations and industrial facilities to develop a culture of safety. We bring decades of industry experience and an in depth level of understanding of the manufacturing industry. As leaders in the industry, we don't simply respond to change. Instead, we help our clients achieve operational efficiency, compliance, and gain competitive advantages.

Protect Your People and Reputation with Customized & Flexible Safety Solutions

Our solutions are modern, customized, but highly flexible safety solutions. They are designed so your employees are protected, while insurance costs and losses are reduced. In addition, our innovative safety solutions for manufacturing companies ensure your organization is always compliant with any state and federal regulations.

In the manufacturing industry, reputations are relatively fickle and always at stake. At Premier Safety Partners, we believe in creating safety solutions that act as a safeguard against these reputation-scarring damages. As a result, you gain the trust of your employees as well as the rest of the industry. The experts at Premier Safety Partners will help you create your own effective safety procedures and make sure the entire facility is fully compliant.

Scalable Manufacturing Safety Solutions

Premier Safety Partners offers safety coverage for manufacturing businesses of all sizes. We bring consultants with a wide range of experience to every situations. Most manufacturing companies find our services especially helpful if there has been a recent safety incident. In this situation, we will come in and investigate the incident to find practical solutions. Premier Safety Partners is here to help create your company's own unique procedures and help guide the organization toward being an incident-free manufacturing brand.

Common Manufacturing Safety Services

Premier Safety Partners offers a wide array of professional manufacturing safety consultation services.

Specifically, some of our most requested manufacturing services are:

  • Risk management plans for COVID-19
  • Strategic planning and EHS scorecards
  • Development & implementation of program, procedures, management systems
  • Auditing
  • Training (compliance, hazard risk management, leadership)
  • Incident rate reduction
  • Workers compensation cost reduction and management
  • Due diligence, transition and integration
  • Culture transformation, behavior based safety
  • Operational excellence
  • Incident investigation, root cause analysis
  • VPP, OHSAS 18001, ANSI Z10
  • Site-level and cell-level risk assessments
  • Ergonomic programs
  • OSHA inspection and citation assistance
  • Assistance with contractor management
  • Documentation and recordkeeping, including OSHA 300 LOG
  • Recordkeeping training to ensure your staff is current on regulations

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As the leader in the manufacturing industry, Premier Safety Partners offers the optimum safety solutions for your business. Contact Premier Safety Partners today to schedule a consultation.