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Defense & Space Safety Consulting

The defense and space industry utilizes some of the world's most complex and sophisticated equipment. These systems require high information standards with mission-critical responsiveness. At the same time, you must adhere to an exceptionally high level of safety and security regulations. Premier Safety Partners offer extensive experience providing safety training and safety consulting to meet these demands.

Defense and Space Safety Training to Meet an Increasing Need

The highly complex nature of defense and space equipment demands an exceptionally high degree of attention to detail and excellence. In addition, the need to produce supporting documentation for equipment can be a major source of program support costs. Today's manufacturers are no longer able to support these highly complicated products in a cost-effective manner with traditional paper-based publications.

With an increasing interest on safety, security, and efficiency, the demand for more sophisticated tools continues to increase. Through strategic partnerships and structured growth, Premier Safety Partners offers the unique defense and space safety training to meet these needs. Our experienced trainers can become a functioning extension of your support and engineering teams.

Full Scalable Defense and Space Safety Consultant Services

Regardless of the size of your organization, Premier Safety Partners offers an intuitive solution to your safety needs. Our safety solutions are designed to transfer from the boardroom to the classroom. We can help you with technical, management, and strategic expertise that spans across all sectors of defense and space safety. We work with your team to implement strategic techniques to drive continuous improvement for safety standards across the industry.

Defense and Space Safety Consultant Services

Premier Safety Partners offers several safety services uniquely designed for the space and defense industry. These services include:

  • Risk management plans for COVID-19
  • Hazard Assessment Report Development
  • Contractor Management
  • Site-Level & Cell-Level Risk Assessments
  • ​Strategic planning and EHS scorecards
  • Development & implementation of program, procedures, management systems – EM-385-1-1
  • Auditing
  • Training (compliance, hazard risk management, leadership)
  • Incident rate reduction
  • Workers compensation cost reduction and management
  • Due diligence, transition and integration
  • Culture transformation, behavior based safety
  • Operational excellence
  • Incident investigation, root cause analysis
  • VPP, OHSAS 18001, ANSI Z10

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With the ever evolving environment surrounding space and defense, it's imperative your training and safety procedures follow suit. Contact Premier Safety Partners to schedule a consultation.