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Actionable Steps to Achieve Operational Excellence in Manufacturing

Although the notion of operational excellence in manufacturing can be hard to define, it’s a level of achievement virtually any manufacturing company wants to attain. In today’s highly competitive manufacturing environment, a strong focus on continuous improvement can be the single factor that separates the top companies from those at the bottom. for […]

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5 Keys to Creating a Successful Safety Recognition Program

If your employees perform any type of driving, contact with substances, can use of machinery, or physical labor, a safety recognition program is key. Even employees that spend significant time on their computer can develop eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a wealth of other problems.Each year, businesses across the year spend a staggering $60 […]

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Safety Incentives Programs

Try These 7 Inspirational Safety Incentive Program Ideas

For several years, business owners have debated and argued over the best safety incentive program ideas. Should we bribe employees with award and trinkets or is the real intent to recognize safe behaviors? As recently as five years ago, most companies awarded prizes, cash, and various other awards for performance tied to lagging indicators. Lagging […]

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