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Simple Warehouse Safety Best Practices for a Safe & Productive Environment

Any warehouse operator would agree, warehouse safety best practices are crucially important. Warehouse safety best practices aren’t just important for the continued health of your employees — but the sustainability and growth of your business.And while it’s impossible to predict 100% of all accidents — we’re only human, after all —it is possible to drastically […]

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How Chevron Uses the Operational Excellence Principles to Excel

The operational excellence principles are defined as the systematic management of personal safety, process safety as well as health, reliability, the environment, and efficiency to achieve top performance. Operational excellence is based on five integral goals:Achieve an injury-free and incident free workplacePromote and support a healthier work environment while mitigating major workplace risks.Clearly identify and […]

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9 Fast Facts All Companies Must Know About Intro 1447 & OSHA 10-Hour Training

It’s a known fact that construction industry risk places these occupations among the most dangerous in the world. According to the Department of Labor, approximately 137,000 construction workers suffer serious injuries every year, while around 800 suffer fatal on-the-job injuries. While these numbers are harrowing, the most surprising aspect is most of these deaths and […]

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What Construction Workers Need to Know About New York’s Intro 1447

Did you know a staggering 20% of all worker fatalities happen within the construction industry? As a construction industry worker, you’re faced with a variety of hazards on a regular basis. And New York’s Intro 1447 is designed to minimize hazards, reduce construction workplace fatalities, and create a safer workplace.Most recently, Bill de Blasio — […]

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A Handy Guide to Hand Safety: Tips, Training, Facts & Trends

Failure to implement proper hand safety can be dangerous as well as expensive. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hand injury claim now topples $6,000 — where each lost-time workers’ compensation claim almost amounts to $7,500. The National Safety Council explains: arrow-right Hand injury stitches can easily cost up to $2,000, […]

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Don’t Ignore Line of Fire Safety: Here’s What You Need to Know

Did you know failure to have proper line of fire safety training could result in serious injuries? Line of fire hazards are one of the most deadly hazards in the construction and manufacturing industries — and are second only to slip and fall accidents.Approximately 27% of deaths in the workplace are directly related to line […]

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Behavior Based Safety Programs

Create a Culture of Safety with Behavior Based Safety Programs

Behavior based safety (BBS) programs are designed to guide and influence employee actions toward safer and more desirable outcomes. Ideally, BBS programs prevent injuries and accidents before they happen.BBS programs promote people-focused interventions, such as one-on-one group observations, carefully setting goals, providing mentoring, coaching, and safety-related behavior. to learn more about creating a […]

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