Can You Hear Me Now? We're Talking Cell Phone Safety at Work!

Can You Hear Me Now? We’re Talking Cell Phone Safety at Work!

If you don't promote cell phone safety at work, your workplace can experience an increase in unnecessary accidents and safety incidents. Considering the widespread use of digital technology, everyone and their grandmother — seriously — has a smartphone or cellphone.

These devices have become so ingrained in our society that people actively use them at work. In an office setting, an occasional glance at a smartphone screen may not hurt anything but productivity.

However, in more strenuous settings, such as construction sites or manufacturing sites, it's vital your employees keep their eyes and minds focused on the task at hand. Whether you require your workers to turn off their devices while on the job or you implement a solid no-phone policy, you will create a safer environment. Continue reading to learn why it's important to take cell phone safety at work seriously.

Concentration Challenges

If your employees work with heavy equipment or machinery, they can injure themselves if their focus isn't solely dedicated to the task at hand. Although studies have shown that some people are good at multitasking, most people are not able to focus on more than one thing at once.

This notion is especially true when a worker's attention is focused on complex calculations or fine-tuning a piece of equipment. If they look away for a quick moment to send a text or check a Facebook message, it could spell disaster. It's best to eliminate this risk before it becomes a safety incident.

Walking Hazard

Walking is one of those instinctive actions most people never think twice about. However, walking and texting is much harder than anyone thinks. If someone's eyes are glued to a phone screen, they immediately become unable to spot relatively clear obstacles.

If you are in charge of workplace safety, you should never shy away from the opportunity to promote cell phone safety at work. For instance, you shouldn't be afraid to address someone onsite who is walking and texting in the workplace. It may feel as if you're being unfair initially, but you are actively looking out for your employees when you put their safety first and promote cell phone safety at work.

Privacy Concerns

One of the most overlooked issues associated with cell phone safety at work is a violation of privacy rights. Because the majority of cell phones are equipped with high strength cameras and camcorders, sensitive information could easily be captured and shared via email, social media sites, and more in a matter of second.

While your individual cell phone at work policy may not completely ban cell phones, it's worth considering the confidential operating process and business information that could be at risk of being exposed. In addition, one employee could unintentionally violate another employee's rights by sending a picture of their property or them. This could lead to lawsuits and other types of problems for the employer.

Beware of Entanglements

Similar to jewelry, which should never be worn in industrial environments, cell phone devices and accessories can become an impediment or get wrapped in machinery. Smartphones and cell phones can also cause a worker to improperly use their personal protective equipment.

For example, hands-free earpieces may loosen head protection or loosen hearing protection. Another example of how cell phones could cause problems is when a worker actually removes their safety gloves to send a quick text on his mobile phone.

In both instances, the worker removed their personal protective equipment to accommodate their smartphone. During this brief time, they could've been exposed to hazards and suffered injuries.

Contact Premier Safety Partners for Cell Phone Safety at Work

Cell phone safety at work is a big deal, especially if you operate within labor intensive sectors, such as:

Among the many distractions at work, there are few — if any — as hard to resist or as widespread as mobile phones. As a result, it's vital for your business to have some type of policy to protect your workers from themselves.

The experts at Premier Safety Partners bring decades of experience helping business owners customize and formalize policies for cell phone safety at work. Contact Premier Safety Partners today to schedule a consultation.

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