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6 Highly-Effective Warehouse Safety Tips

Since warehouses can be hazardous workplaces, warehouse safety tips can protect your workforce, bolster your bottom line, and save your organization thousands of dollars. Across the United States, approximately 4% of warehouse workers are affected by illnesses or work-related injuries that involve job restriction, lost work, or transfer every year.Considering there are an estimated 145,000 […]

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Make Your Workplace Safer With the Psychology of Safety

While psychology of safety may sound like a college course, it actually represents an innovative way for organizations to reduce safety incidents. Already, companies spend mounds of effort and money attempting to minimize workplace accidents by installing safety management systems and addressing hardware issues.Over several years, these efforts have managed to deliver a significant reduction […]

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Improve Workplace Safety With OSHA 30 Hour Training Certification

The OSHA 30 hour training certification program is designed to provide training for workers tasked with greater safety responsibilities in construction and several other industries. Contrary to popular belief, the OSHA 30 hour training certification doesn’t train the individual on OSHA standards.Instead, this intuitive course works to train employees and safety personnel on how to […]

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2 Who Is Responsible for Workplace Safety

Who Is Responsible for Workplace Safety? (Hint: It’s Not Obvious)

Safety undoubtedly should be a core value in any organization, especially high-risk or high-pressure environments. Whether you’re the owner of the business or an entry-level employee, you have a role to play in organizational safety.However, each worker’s safety duties will vary based on the role they play in the company. The following information explains who […]

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Why Do Accidents Happen in the Workplace and How to Prevent Them

Mark Twain explains the importance of workplace safety with the sentiment, “It’s better to be careful 100 times than to get killed once.”In today’s workforce, 80 out of every 100 accidents are caused by the individual involved in the incident. This statistic may substantiate the notion that a large majority of accidents happen because workers […]

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